September 26, 2003

Feng Shui - part 4

Our latest addition to our Feng Shui adjustments can be seen here.  It is a mirror that we ordered to fit the wall area behind our stovetop.  Shirley picked up the mirror 2 days ago, we used mastic glue to fasten it to the wall and packing tape to hold it in place for a day and a half to let the glue set.  Today Shirley removed the tape and cleaned the mirror; I saw it when I got home this evening and we both love the look.

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September 14, 2003

Feng Shui - part 3

We've added a few more adjustments to our home as we do our Feng Shui tune-up.  As we make changes, I'm updating our Feng Shui photo album, and including captions with the pictures to explain a little bit of the reason behind each thing we do.

You'll notice a few crystals in the pictures, and you might catch that each is hung using red thread or ribbon.  We are also using red ribbon when hanging any metal wind chimes.  Red is considered an auspicious color in Feng Shui, and 3 and 9 are considered auspicious numbers (9, of course, is 3 times 3).  So for any crystals or chimes that we hang, we use red ribbon or thread cut intially to a length that is a multiple of 9 (9, 18, 27, etc.).

Well that may all sound kind of strange.  That's OK.  We don't really mind.  We're having fun just following the suggestions from our Feng Shui consultation, and so far we really like the look and feel of the changes...and that's what matters most to us :-)

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September 03, 2003

Feng Shui - part 2

It's been a couple of weeks now since our Feng Shui consultation.  We'd been on vacation in Tampa dropping our son off at The University of Tampa and kicking back on the beach.

Well, we're back home and have made a number of adjustments based on the consultation, with more to come.  For now, I've posted a few pictures with comments in this photo album to reveal some of the adjustments.  I'll post more pictures as we continue with the changes.

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August 15, 2003

Getting Feng Shui -ed

We've started making some simple adjustments to our home, based on a Feng Shui (pronounced "fung-shway") consultation.

There are different systems of Feng Shui, but much seems to be common sense - simply improving the flow within a space via a few adjustments here and there.  We had watched a video about Feng Shui (gotta love NetFlix!) and liked what we were learning.  Well my wife was talking about this with her acupuncturist, and found out that the acupuncturist's husband is a Feng Shui consultant.  Coincidence?  :-)

So we faxed Rich the floor plan of our home as a head start, and then met with him for an hour or two and walked through the house.  Rich practices Black Sect Feng Shui, which was the system to which the video introduced us.  Much is based around a "compass" of sorts, called the bagua  (pronounced "bah-gwah").  Much is also based on intuition, and that appeals to me a lot; we as a species could use to pay more attention to intuition.

So what adjustments have we made?  So far we've dressed up our entry quite a bit.  We have a front porch (that was a requirement for me when we built the house), and then our front door opens to a stairway leading up to the 2nd floor.  Our entry area was rather empty.  We've now added a couple of small metal wind chimes on either side of the porch entry, and added a plant just inside the front door, another plant on the landing of the stairs, a mirror on the wall of the landing, and may add a small water feature to the left of the stairway.  Just these initial few adjustments make the home feel far more inviting and I love having the plants there.  As I pass through the entry, whether coming into the house or leaving, I now get a positive lift from this space.

We've also hung a small metal wind chime in another area of the front porch, and have hung 50mm crystals in a couple of locations inside.  The sound of the chimes is quite subtle and very pleasing.  We've both always enjoyed how light plays with crystals, and the one we've hung in a corner of the master bath does an especially nice job of catching the morning sun and sending little bits of rainbow in all directions.

We have more to do (our consultation with Rich was just a few days ago), but already I am liking the fresh, gentle, and alive feeling that these adjustments have brought to the spaces in our home.  Rich also talked with us about the importance of intention - that consciousness, intention, and form are all connected.  This all feels right to me, and that nod of approval from the intuition is a good thing :-)

So for now, we've made a few adjustments.  There will be more over the coming weeks, and then I'll post a few pictures showing the adjustments.


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