October 14, 2007

Communing with the Ant1chr1st

DecafYears ago, someone at work gave me a little button that said, "Decaf is the Antichrist". I thought that was so cool - because that's pretty much how I felt. Well, there have actually been a few times in the past year or so when I've had a cup of coffee late at night and it has (gasp) affected my ability to sleep! That's not at all always the case, mind you. Often I've been able to have a cup of coffee at 10pm, go to bed at 10:05, and sleep like a baby (a happy one, not a colicky one).

So I mentioned to Shirley that I was starting to consider possibly thinking about maybe looking into getting some decaf coffee beans. And bless her heart, when she was at the store the other day she picked up about a quarter pound of decaffeinated Columbian coffee. We've had a spare burr grinder for some time, since Shirley used to drink decaf. And tonight I pulled out the spare grinder, ground up some of those Columbian beans, and brewed myself a decaf Americano.

And it was good. What is happening to the world?

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