September 10, 2011

Weight up slightly, bodyfat same/slightly down...

This morning's weigh-in: 136.0 ...That's up 4/10 of a pound from last week.

But bodyfat this week has bounced slightly between 16.0% and 15.5%'s 16.0% this morning, which is exactly what it was last Saturday on weigh-in day. I've been taking measurements each Saturday as well, and after measuring several times I can see that the chest is 1/2 inch larger. Looks like I'm moving to that C cup :) ...Actually, with the pull-ups, push-ups, etc and with getting plenty of protein and doing the 5 small meals a day program, it seems reasonable that perhaps a little muscle was added, a little fat lost, and the net result is small weight gain with bodayfat same or a little reduced.

It's definitely an adjustment to my mindset to be OK with seeing the weight the same or a little UP. The goal is lower bodyFAT, and hopefully more lean mass, so while the progress is slow, this is good. Still, there's something real satisfying on the weeks when I can look at the chart and see the weight dropping. I think I need to start keeping a chart of bodyfat ...seriously!

Where's my coffee?

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September 03, 2011

Weight slightly down, measurements same, bodyfat down...

The Asylum workout continues to whup my butt. I must admit, however, that I'm looking forward to getting going with P90X again after this; I miss the lifting! There's definitely some strength work in Insanity, and even more in Asylum, but these 2 workouts are a lot more cardio vs P90X (which does also get the heart rate up).

Speaking of heart, I took my blood pressure this morning. Definitely not high. It was 105/67. This was about 15 minutes after the workout, so I thought maybe it'd be high. No idea what that means, but I feel good, so I'll take it as a good thing.

OK, so the numbers: Weigh-in this morning was 135.4, so I'm down 2/10 of a pound. But last Saturday the bodyfat measured at 17.0% and this morning it was 16.0%, so I am definitely pleased with that. Now I'm really wanting to see 15.something! The weight can stay the same or even go up, as long as the bodyfat diminishes.

I think the combo of regular workouts and 5 meals a day is what's making the difference now. Five meals a day?!? Well, they're small meals. Trying to hit the recommended 40-40-20 / 300 numbers for the meals: approx 40% protein, 40% carb, 20% fat, and roughly 300 calories (up to 500 or so cals on some, to hit my own needs). Also doing this within the confines of 29 daily Weight Watcher points. The is just the start of week #2 of Asylum, so we'll see how this has panned out on 26Sept, when I finish the program.

Hmmmm...I think it's time for coffee!!!!

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August 27, 2011

Insanity Asylum: Fit Test today, workouts start tomorrow

Gulp. Asylum starts tomorrow -- well, it sort of starts today, since I'm about to do the Fit Test to gauge my current fitness (I'll repeat the test after 30 days to measure progress).

This past week I took a break from crazy workouts (completed the 60-day Insanity program last week). Instead I did a few miles each day on the treadmill, did some stretching each day ...basically just let the body rest a bit. Now it's time for another month of crazy.

This morning I weighed in at 135.6 pounds. Bodyfat varies a bit each day (I measure using a handheld Omron Body Fat Analyzer). This morning it was 17%; last weekend after finishing my final Insanity workout (and weighing slightly more), fat measured at 16.5%. Well, the key is just that the trend on fat percentage declines over time. My goal is 10-12% fat.

So. I've written the prescribed workout on a calendar for each of the next 30 days. Time now to down my standard pre-workout drink (Vega Sport Performance Optimizer) and do the Fit Test.

UPDATE: OK, Here's results from the Fit Test. Some of these exercise names make no sense unless one has seen the dvd; for example, one rep of moving pushups means doing moving pushups along the length of the "Agility Ladder" and back. So the real key will be to see if the numbers go up wtih each test. The test is done again on Day 15, and then on Day 30:

(click image to see larger)

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August 13, 2011

Down 15 pounds over past 12 wks...probably 10lbs to go...

Today is weigh-in day. Starting weight 12 weeks ago: 152.0 pounds (69kg) ..Today's weight: 136.6. So after 12 weeks of WeightWatchers online, I'm down 15.4 pounds. I've got one more week of Insanity workouts; the past 8 weeks of Insanity have helped me dump 10.4 pounds. The chart below is from my WeightWatchers page.

WwHistory Click image to show week-by-week results to date. The one week that shows a 3.8 pound weight gain was after 2 nights of consuming LOTS of points. But as we've seen in the past, as long as the "cheat" days aren't a regular occurrence, it's no worries, and can even be a good thing from time to time :)

When we started WW, I'd listed my goal weight at 135. Then when I was getting close and still seeing some fat around my gut, I lowered the goal to 130. Today I did the math and it looks like I should be 125 pounds if I want to be 10% bodyfat. That sounds tiny, but remember: I'm a runt (5' 4"" if I stand up real tall).

SO ...I'm not actually concerned about the actual weight; the goal is to be around 10% bodyfat. I complete the Insanity workouts in a week, then after a week of lighter workouts, I'll hit Asylum, followed by 90 days of P90X, and then 90 days of P90X2. I'll most likely start adding protein as the resistance training increases, to slowly add muscle. So while the weight goal at this point is 125, if I'm 135 and 10% fat, that'd be awesome. Bottom line, I'm enjoying the journey and the results, and heart numbers continue to get better :) ...God bless coffee!

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June 20, 2011

BeachBody INSANITY workout: official Day 1

No turning back! I'm commited to Insanity. Today was the initial Fit Test, which will happen every couple of weeks during this 60-day program. The goal: get in the best shape of my life (so far!). I've done a couple of the workouts over the past couple of weeks, mixed in with some P90X and some treadmill work, but now I'm starting the dedicated program.

Results from initial Fit Test:


It's a year of P90X that got me to this point, now it's on to the next level...if I survive :)

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June 19, 2011

WW & working out like a mutha is working: down 2lbs last week

Saturday (yesterday) was weigh-in day. Down 2 pounds for the week, so since starting WeightWatchers online, I'm down 5.4 pounds. Starting with the initial weigh-in, the weights were:

152.0 .. 150.2 .. 149.6 .. 148.6 .. 146.6

My goal is tentatively 135 lbs, but the real goal is 10-12% bodyfat, regardless of weight. Shoulder's feeling better, I had a 1/2 hr massage & chiro adjustment yesterday and am feeling pretty good, so tomorrow (Monday) will start the 60-day Insanity program. *gulp*

I'm taking the last week of this month and 1st week of July off to watch the FIFA Womens World Cup, so am thinking *maybe* I'll see about doing the treadmill in the mornings those 2 weeks and Insanity in the evening. Two weeks of doubles ought to burn some fat. Or kill me :)

The MAIN benefit from WW for me has been [a] learning how much fat/points are in some of my former go-to snack foods like almonds, and [b] getting in the habit of logging food/activity. Definitely a big help!

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June 13, 2011

Seriously, has some great workout programs! ...

As a number of my friends and family know, I started doing P90X workouts a little over a year ago. That program helped me get back into reasonable condition. Years ago (wow, I guess it was a little over 25 years ago), Shirley and I were quite serious about working out. I was lifting weights 2 1/2 hours a day, six days a week. And running. And biking. And we'd go hiking, etc. The last day that I did the serious lifting at the gym was the day before our son was born. Priorities change, and that was absolutely fine. I didn't turn into a blob, but I definitely lost some fitness and gained some fat.

There were years of soccer in there and other activities, but once we were empty-nesters - and our son told us about P90X - I decided to give it a shot and get healthier. One workout and I was hooked. Sweat, panting, pain -- all the stuff I missed. I'm definitely stronger, and bodyfat has gone down. But I'm not yet to my 10-12% bodyfat goal.

Well, our son meanwhile bought the DVDs for the Insanity workout. Like P90X, this is another product from BeachBody. He showed us one of the DVDs, and my thought at the time was, "maybe someday, but P90X is slamming me now." Well, as Ben's moved on to the Asylum workout (next level up from Insanity), I decided to buy a copy of Insanity and have at it.

Whew! I started a week or two ago, mixing Insanity with P90X (doing Insanity on days when I wasn't doing P90X). I think now I'm going to just do Insanity for the suggested 60-day program. I use a heart rate monitor when working out (sensor strap around the chest, and display on wrist watch), and that allows tracking of calories burned. I burned 792 calories with today's workout. That is serious!

I've come to realize that I need these serious workouts, along with careful logging of my food/drink intake in order to get the results I want. So here we go! I expect by mid-August to see some definite good changes! BRING IT!

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June 12, 2011

Pushing to dump the last approx 15 lbs of fat...

I have signed up (3 weeks ago) with WeightWatchers online (no way I'd take the time to go to meetings, and no way I'd pay for that). As part of what has become a semi-nightly ritual, I shall gorge later on what's become one of my favorite go-to treats: a plain low-salt rice cake! Oh, the gluttony!!

Sadly - or actually probably happily - I actually do enjoy munching a plain old unflavored bland as Al Gore freakin' rice cake. I never would have thought that would be possible!

OK, so the Weight Watchers thing... Shirley signed up a few weeks ago for the online program (some special deal for, like, 50 bucks for 3 months). So I figured what the hell, I'd give it a try too. Works well if we're both doing the same thing. I've been working out like a futhermucker for a while now -- recently completed a year of P90X, and while I'm definitely in better condition in terms of strength and cardio health and have lost 15-20 pounds over the past year or 18 mos or something -- There's this remaining bit of fat that pisses me off.

My high point weight-wise was just under 170. Not sure exactly what the number was, but it was close. Starting weight on day one of WW was 152. Yesterday was weigh-in day, and I was 148.6. So I seem to be doing about a pound a week. Not bad, but I want more. Goal weight is tentatively 135. We'll see. REAL goal is 10-12% bodyfat. I'm at about 19% now. If I'm doing my math right, hitting 135 should put me around 11% fat assuming the weight loss is all fat. If I gain muscle and hit that weight, then fat % would be less and that'd be cool.

Workouts now are gonna be P90X most days for next 2 months, and Insanity workout on 3 days a week (when P90X would normally be Yoga or Kenpo - which I don't care for - or a rest day is for the weak!!!!). Except of course that I kinda overdid it on my poor traps (muscles between neck and shoulders) and have had to stick to the treadmill the past few days while I get my traps stretched out. That's not bad; a 5k a day (walk flat for 4 mins, jog uphill for 2, repeat til 5k is done) means plenty of sweat and cardio. But I like to push things. Shirley gets worried hearing me panting and cussing in the dungeon (workout room) during Insanity, or when trying to eek out one more rep during a set in P90X ...and I need to get back to the pain as soon as possible.

Just learned that apparently WW starts everyone at 29 points/week, so I may try to reduce that a little, since I'm not a big guy. We shall see.

Main thing is that there's a program - I do well with programs. One day at a time. Make progress one day at a time. BRING IT!

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April 25, 2011

Juice fast: done (early). But...

Well, I'd planned to do the fast through Wed, 27Apr. I ended it last night. I miss real workouts and there's too much yard work and other physical activity that I need to do.

I lost several pounds, learned that I can consume a number of plants that I'd either not tried before (fennel for one) or had written off as nasty tasting (beets, especially). BUT, I'm not done with juicing.

We'd already been juicing carrots. Now I'm juicing all kinds of things and plan to do juice for breakfast and as a pre-workout light meal when I get home in the evenings. Lunch and dinner will be more normal vegan fare: mainly vegetables, with some beans or whole grains at times.

And now... time for the first cup of coffee in over a week :-D


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April 24, 2011

10-day juice fast: Day 6

Saturday was too busy to blog ...more on that in a bit, but here's the weigh-in recap:

Weight 146.4 after being up .2 pounds on Friday morning (day 5 of juice fast), I was down 2.2 pounds on Saturday morning (day 6). But I then went "off the wagon". Read on...

A neighbor friend of ours was going to be moving out in a month and was going to rent her house. Turns out that on Thursday evening she found some renters who needed to move in this weekend. So instead of taking her time moving her stuff over the coming weeks, our neighbor had to suddenly get everything packed up, the house cleaned, and be out in time for the renters to come in. So Shirley and I went over and spent most of Saturday loading boxes and furniture into a POD (moving /storage container).

After an hour or so, I started to feel a little faint every time I bent over. Soooo... I popped over to our own house (diagonally across the street) and cheated on the juice fast. I had a couple of scoops of Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer (vegan nutrition powder), blended up with an orange, a banana, some hemp protein powder, and water. A couple of hours later I had another scoop of the Vega powder with water. Then later that night I "gorged" on a sweet potato and then the ultimate sin: I had 2 beers. OK, they weren't really beers, 'cause they were lite beers ;) another neighbor's (our neighbors rock).

Overall the nutrition intake was still overwhelmingly fresh fruit and vegetables. And I felt much more capable of doing physical labor after grabbing some protein.

The plan now is to finish the rest of the 10 days with veggie and fruit juice, and supplementing with a little Vega powder so I can do more physical activity.


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